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PASSPORT / VISAS : Most countries will not accept a passport with less than six months validity. Ensure that you have visa advise on all countries of your destination, including countries you may transit through. A date base on visa requirements around the world exists at our office.


TICKETS : Tickets are priced differently and conditions differ accordingly. It is important that you ask and familiaries yourself with the restrictions that may apply to you. This could be costly if discovered too late, in the middle of your journey. Please ask before the start of the journey.


RESERVATIONS / RECONFIRMATION : It is recommended that you ensure that your reservations are confirmed / reconfirmed at all times during the period of your journey. In case you do not intend to use the confirmed reservation held, please call the airline and cancel as this gives others a chance to travel. Your failure to cancel one leg of your overall trip may result in the airline cancelling the remaining itinerary.


AIRPORT TAX : Various airport taxes are charged around the world. Some are included in the ticket while others are payable on departure.


CAR HIRE : This service is available should you need car, chauffeur or self-driven, on arrival at the other end. A credit card may be required to guarantee your bookings.


HOTELS : While making your bookings please specify the hotel requirements which canbe confirmed by us along with air reservation. Chandan Travels recommends hotel  bookings at the time of arranging itinerary and a credit card may be required to guarantee your hotel bookings.


HEALTH : Certain countries require health certificates, specially the yellow fever inoculation,Check your requirements at the time of making the itinerary and ensure to get inoculated accordingly. It is also advisable to always have yellow fever inoculation.


EXCESS BAGGAGE : Depending  on your class of travel, baggage allowance is allocated and clearly indicated on each ticket. On Cross  Atlantic & Cross Pacific flights a two-piece allocation is allowed, provided it remains within limits, Should you expect to have excess baggage, you can pre-purchase excess baggage vouchers before you travel, or at the airport of departure.


TRAVEL INSURANCE : For a tension-free foreign trip, Chandan Travels can also offer a very attactive travel insurance policy to take care of untoward exigencies while travelling and during the period of insurance like illness, personal accident, total baggage loss or delay, passport loss, financial emergencies, personal liabilities, hijacking, etc.